Glocal languages and Critical Intercultural Awareness

Manuela Guilherme; Lynn Mario T. Menezes Souza

This volume provides a new perspective on prevailing discourses on translanguaging and multilingualism by looking at ‘glocal’ languages, local languages which have been successfully “globalized”. Focusing on European languages recreated in Latin America, the book features examples from languages underexplored in the literature, including Brazilian Portuguese, Amerinidian poetics, and English, Spanish, Portuguese outside Europe, as a
basis for advocating for an approach to language education rooted in critical pedagogy and post-colonial perspectives and countering hegemonic theories of globalization. While rooted in a discussion of the South, the book offers a fresh voice in current debates on language education that will be of broader interest to students and scholars across disciplines, including language education, multilingualism, cultural studies, and linguistic anthropology.

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